Pet Store Owner's Aid to Shelters Recognized

Karl Schwarz, owner of a local pet food store, has been recognized by a council member for giving time and space to area animal shelters in an effort to save dogs and cats from being put to death.

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Laura Chick said Schwarz should be commended for trying to help area shelters find homes for stray and abandoned animals for the past six years.

"We do have an overpopulation of animals in Los Angeles," she said at a pet adoption fair Sunday at Schwarz's store, Discount Pet Food. Such events, she added, "serve to help stray or abandoned animals find a home."

Both the West Valley and East Valley animal shelters had volunteers at the store with animals available for adoption. About 20 cats and dogs were placed in new homes.

New animal owners received free starter kits that included pet food and information on pet care.

All pets are spayed or neutered before they are adopted.

Chick said the service Schwarz provides is a "win-win" situation for everyone because the store helps to create more pet owners while the community places animals in homes.

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