Council to Act On Copper Curtain Poll

Guided by a public phone poll, the City Council is considering three possible design changes for the copper curtain sculpture at the Civic Arts Plaza.

At its meeting tonight, the council is expected to refer the three most popular designs to city staff for feasibility and expense review. Voters considered eight options for changes to the series of metal strips hanging from the building's side.

Among the candidates are two "overlay" plans, which would leave the sculpture on the wall but partly cover it with an additional design. There is also a mural proposal, featuring an oak tree landscape designed by local computer consultant Glen Sievertsen.

A proposed overlay of the city's oak tree seal won the top spot in the phone poll. The second overlay, of the "Exuberant Muse" logo for the center's Alliance for the Arts, took the runner-up position and would be funded by an anonymous donor if the council chooses it.

Westlake architect Francisco Behr, who designed one of the eight options, warned that the city must consider what any new design would look like when enlarged to building-size proportions, rather than the reduced picture that appeared on polling forms.

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