With Roller Coasters, Who Needs Edison?

Re "Knott's Pulls the Plug on Edison Workshop," Jan. 5:

The Knott's statement that amusement park rides are as effective at educating children about Edison's theories as the historical exhibit they just closed is appalling in its ignorance and disregard of the scope of Edison's scientific work, of effective educational methods and of the theme park's past relationship with the community.

Workshop leader Peter M. Small and the educators bringing him and their students together should be commended for their dedication.

Perhaps one way to support the exhibit for the long term would be for a local museum, such as the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, to provide a new home base.

In a similar vein, local history museums such as the Bowers should consider ways to adopt regional historical themes that Knott's abandons as it continues to transform into just another amusement park.

Whatever the final solution and venue for such exhibits, we are all enriched if they are kept alive. This is an opportunity for educators and community leaders to improve the quality of our children's education. If only we could educate the new management at Knott's.

Mark Sheldon

Huntington Beach

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