No Peace Negotiations Until the Terror Stops

“Don’t Let the Bombers Win” (editorial, May 20) is just another variation on the same theme hammered home since Oslo. Ignore Jews being killed, make concessions and open the territories (which causes more Jews to die) just because a Palestinian leader says he wants peace. Your call for peace negotiations to continue while the violence continues rings incredibly hollow in our post-9/11 world.

If you called for America to negotiate while its citizens were being killed you’d be branded a misguided traitor. Did America push to talk to Osama bin Laden, or anyone else, for that matter, in Al Qaeda? Of course not. And Israel should have at least the same right to withhold “concessions,” especially when those very concessions lead to the murder of its citizens. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas’ history does not indicate a man willing to make peace.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles



When Hamas and Hezbollah say they will continue war until Jews leave “occupied territories,” they mean every inch of Israel. They have been at war nonstop with Israel since 1948 and plan to continue 100 years more, until increasing Arabic population demographics eradicate all Jews from the Middle East. A future Palestinian state will have zero Jews.

When America, Israel and like-minded Muslims fight together to defeat Hamas, Hezbollah and their supporters (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi Muslims and Yasser Arafat), then and only then will Israel have a peace and the Palestinians have a country. Until that unlikely time, Israel will fight on for its survival with its few friends.

Burton Roseman

Van Nuys


Re “Truce or Consequences,” Opinion, May 18: M.J. Rosenberg’s “The Middle East peace plan is a no-lose gamble for Bush” is way off the mark. If the “road map” is implemented and a Palestinian state is created in Israel’s heartland, coastal Israel will be left defenseless and will be easily overrun. Millions of Jews will die horrible deaths, as promised by Arafat and Arab rulers throughout the region.

U.S. voters will turn on President Bush and the Republicans, whom they will blame for the slaughter, and the Republican Party will suffer severe defeats at the polls for decades to come.


Gilbert Simons

Seal Beach