Disney Hall Parties: No Joy in Jammed Traffic

When the intersection at 1st Street and Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles was closed for more than a week of street parties to celebrate the opening of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, many thousands of commuters suffered miserably through detours and horrendous traffic jams. At most, the street closure should have been in effect for a day or two.

It seems to me that high-ranking government officials and business leaders were so eager to pat each other on the back that they failed to show any concern for the thousands of people who were affected by the street closure. Did they really need all those parties?

Diane Pitts

West Covina


While at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, seated in the vulgarly titled Ron Burkle Ralphs/Food 4 Less Foundation Auditorium, I wondered how many people who shop in those food emporiums could even afford a decent seat in Frank Gehry's wonderful building.

Disney Hall is a festival of plaques. Everything is named for some donor, from the seat you're sitting on to the men's toilet. It would be great to finally see some good taste in Los Angeles, so we could read a plaque that said: Donated by Anonymous.

Michael L. Grace

Los Angeles

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