One song at a time

There is nothing new about the so-called hit-song album or CD written about in "Hip-Hop Now a Singles Club" by Baz Dreisinger (Feb. 8). I've been in the music business since the early '70s and one-hit albums are the norm and not the exception. It's no wonder record companies are getting smaller and smaller as time goes by. Look at Santana's "Supernatural." Other than "Smooth," if you wanted to hear more Latin-influenced music there were at least three other songs. If you wanted hip-hop you had another three or four songs. Where's the consistency?

That's why iTunes and others are going to prevail in the market -- because you can buy one song at a time and skip the slag. Too bad more artists can't understand the need for a CD that is consistent all the way through.

Jack Gold

Studio City

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