At Your Doorstep

Elizabeth Khuri is an assistant Style editor for West.

When was the last time you watched a DVD that didn't arrive in the mail? Deliveries mean never having to get in the car. Below are a select few.

Gofer Girls

They'll wrap your gifts, take your pet to the groomer and sell your old clothes. They're the minions you always wanted but thought you couldn't afford. Price: $30 an hour. (877) 804-6337; www.

Cookie Casa

How about a moist buttermilk cake with chocolate frosting? Or Spanish Rosco cookies made from an old family recipe, flavored with anise and rolled in sugar and cinnamon? Goodies start at $27. (310) 922-6396;

Dr Soda

This doctor has delivered snacks, juice and other dehydration quenchers since 1984. Owner Don Rubenstein says the big sellers are Farmer Bros. Coffee and roasted sunflower seeds. "People go crazy for them." (818) 834-3298;

Mobile Vet

Chris Cauble has been in the mobile pet-vet business since 1980, serving animals of all stripes. More country doctor than quick fix, he does anything short of major surgery, X-rays and ultrasounds. The house-call fee is $50. (818) 242-5576;

A Class Act

Owner Justeen Ward will do the chicken dance on your doorstep or ape Marilyn Monroe at your office. Her specialty is singing telegrams. Prices start at $125. (818) 509-1247;

Birth Goddess

Don't count on the stork for special deliveries. Licensed midwife and certified doula Candace Leach provides prenatal, birth and postpartum care. She says one plus of at-home birthing is that you can bring forth new life wherever you please, even on the stairs. Cost: $3,600 per pregnancy. (562)272-4541;

--Elizabeth Khuri

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