How to beat the credit card firms

In "What rate cuts? Use of plastic gets pricier" (Consumer Confidential, Feb. 10), this statement stood out: "The credit card companies always win. They never lose."

Yeah, they do -- when you walk away. Just walk away and join a credit union. I did and now enjoy lower rates by dealing with a local "bank." For the second time in three months, the charge card rates have dropped for everyone.

Tom Esparza

West Hollywood

Every time I read an article like the one in David Lazarus' column about people who feel they are being treated unfairly by the credit card companies, I wonder where they got the idea that these companies are benevolent relatives.

Credit card companies exist for one reason only -- to make a profit. They saw a niche, and filled it by catering to people who choose not to look beyond the moment and will worry about how to pay the bills when the day of reckoning arrives.

June Moffett

Santa Ana

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