Hollywood on Sinclair

Re "Lost in the Hollywood jungle," Opinion, Feb. 19

I had a different reaction from Ernest Freeberg to the movie "There Will Be Blood." Granted that Upton Sinclair's socialist message was not explicit, I thought that the character of Daniel Plainview and his ruthless, evil drive was a metaphor for the strengths and evils of the oil industry itself.

Shirley A. Conger

Corona del Mar


Sinclair's book, "Oil!," was published shortly after the Teapot Dome scandal. We continue to celebrate a crook named Edward L. Doheny, who made a fortune from a bribe. Freeman quite rightly points out that Hollywood has a long record of distorting Sinclair's novels, just as the studios used motion pictures to distort his positions in his run for governor of California in 1934.

John Howard

Toluca Lake

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