Charter schools chew up space

Re "L.A. Unified is rethinking offers of space," April 26

I applaud Deputy Supt. Ray Cortines for reviewing charters on Los Angeles Unified School District campuses.

Last year, I was told that a charter school would be taking over "unused" classroom space at my school. The district never asked me how many classrooms were available or how they were being used. We lost a computer lab, a tutoring room, ESL classes for adults and space for students receiving emotional counseling.

Our enrollment is growing, and we will be even more squeezed for space this fall. By usurping our classrooms, the district has severely curtailed our programs.

There is a lot of available industrial space up and down the Valley that can be converted into classrooms. Why aren't charters encouraged to find alternative solutions?

Susan Lasken


The writer is the principal of Sunny Brae Elementary School.

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