A gas-tax cut is a dead end

Re "Empty promises," editorial, April 30

Why on Earth are elected leaders proposing we suspend the federal gas tax to offset rising fuel prices? The tax of about 18.5 cents per gallon is the same today as it was when gas was $1 a gallon.

This has been for many years a reasonable way to fund vital road repairs. Has this now become an unreasonable cost for work we no longer need?

Just how would this 18.5-cent discount offset what we pay to oil companies? It sounds like another federal subsidy for the oil industry.

Does anyone truly expect gas prices to stabilize 18 cents lower than they are today? Will we be happy driving over potholes while paying $3.82 a gallon?

Steve Factor

Los Angeles

The proposed gas-tax cut is only a temporary fix. Regardless of what the oil companies say, their profits last year were obscene, and they could reduce the price of gas at the expense of future profits.

When are the American people going to do something drastic in protesting these prices? Like boycotting gas purchases two days a week, or marching on Washington?

Joan Kerr


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