I make a point of reading "Underrated/Overrated" every Thursday, but I feel you really missed the mark in the May 1 issue. Cases in point:

1. Dissing Duffy by comparing her to the Monkees. Have you seen her live show? Have you listened to the Monkees' "Greatest Hits"? If not, do yourselves a favor and do both.

2. Dissing Amy Poehler and suggesting that any of "MADtv's" alumni would be better. Have you seen "MADtv" lately? It's an embarrassment to L.A., Hollywood and Saturday nights. Poehler is not. Besides, she's best friends with Tina Fey and that, alone, makes her very, very cool.

3. Dissing Amoeba Music with a complaint about long lines, bad parking and a "dizzying array of way too much stuff." Well, you got it wrong again -- the lines are quicker than a Dodger fastball. And the parking? Take the subway! (Oh, and you can find the Monkees' "Greatest Hits" there. Probably at a very good price.)

Scott Craig

Silver Lake

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