'Iron Man' has room for 2 stars

I REALIZE that " 'Iron Man's' Action Figure" [Geoff Boucher, Monday] was a story about director Jon Favreau, but I do think Favreau could have given more credit to the man who carried the movie . . . the star . . . Robert Downey Jr. I saw it, and he was fabulous, and yes, Jon directed a great movie. A true winner at any age. Keep 'em coming, Hollywood.

Judy Pfleger

Marina del Rey

BACK IN '94, I was producing a behind-the-scenes piece on a Fox film called "PCU" and one of the actors was Jon Favreau. He played a rather unkempt slacker character aptly named "Gutter." Jon was much heavier then and had dreadlocks for the role. Whenever he had the chance, he'd come over and talk about what I was doing, ask questions about the equipment we were using, about the camera, etc. It was obvious to me Jon was a very bright, perceptive, creative guy. As I was interviewing the actors (Jon included), he even used that old cliche, "What I really want to do is direct."

Congratulations, Jon. You done good!

Arlen Peters

Los Angeles

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