The politics of energy

Re "Keep stockpiling oil," editorial, May 14

In the never-ending blame game about high oil and gasoline prices, why is there no outrage that the Democrats in Congress have blocked all attempts to expand supply and refining capacity in this country for 30 years? The Democrats and the mainstream media must have failed Economics 101. Energy supply is one of the biggest challenges facing the world. Unfortunately, environmental groups have the Democrats in their pocket, and we're all going to pay for it.

Ralph Reichert

Sierra Madre


The vote by Congress to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve comes at an inappropriate time. As much as I haven't supported President Bush or his policies, this pandering is no lasting solution.

A dozen years ago or so, when Americans stubbornly turned to SUVs and trucks, the ultimate strain on supply and higher prices for increased demand should have been predicted. When winter is upon us and home heating concerns are paramount, such a measure would be more appropriate. This now is just political expediency and will only encourage more waste and delay a return to smaller vehicles. Playing politics with public sentiment is not the solution our leadership should be offering.

Nancy Wilson

Nashville, Ind.

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