A wacky attack on Clinton

Re "The fairy dust of insecurity," Opinion, May 10

In her lambasting of Hillary Rodham Clinton's confidence and persistence in the face of increasingly dismal odds, Meghan Daum goes beyond hostile -- all the way to neurotic. Daum characterizes Clinton's "Bush-level delusion" as far less appealing than the "rampant insecurity" on display in Barbara Walters' recent autobiography. But why?

Sure, a dose of humility is always appreciated. But how much of that can a contender for the presidency let show? Besides, the pegs on which Daum hangs her Clinton hostility are things like her youthful interest in becoming an astronaut (that's bad?) and the charge that Clinton "presumably sailed through Wellesley's admission gates" (as if family money or connections had ushered her, Bush-like, into a place she didn't belong). Daum's talents are well-documented, but so are her social striving and her obvious envy of Clinton's talents. It's a shame to see one successful woman hammering another for something both could justly take pride in.

Daniel R. White

Los Angeles


I think Daum is on to something regarding the personality divide between Clinton and Walters: you know, the ambitious and brilliant Clinton and the "I really don't think I'm good enough" Walters. I see a remedy for Clinton: get a couple of face-lifts, take up with a couple of married guys and voila! You're in. Keep sprinkling that fairy dust, Meghan. You're magic.

Isabel Nupoll

Studio City

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