The adoption option

Re "Maternity home's 100-year evolution," May 13

The Times writes, "These days the pregnant young women who come to St. Anne's rarely if ever give their babies up for adoption." I feel it takes a very special kind of motherly love for a young girl to put the best interests of her child before her own. My husband and I adopted two children born at St. Anne's back in the 1960s. Our adopted daughter, with our blessing, reunited with her birth parents eight years ago.

After making the difficult decision to give her up, they grew up, graduated from college, married other people and had successful families. They stayed in touch and waited many years to look for her so as not to disrupt her life. They and our daughter are sure they made the best decision. I hope that some of these "tough kids" currently at St. Anne's are encouraged to at least consider the adoption option in the best interests of their babies.

Cleo M. Sopp


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