Make the budget match the mission

Richard Blum is chairman of the UC Board of Regents.

Mark Yudof is a brilliant scholar and will be a visionary president. I believe he will make the university a leaner, more productive institution -- streamlining cumbersome operations and redirecting precious university funds toward our core academic mission.

In the years ahead, the university must become more strategic in undertaking integrated, multiyear academic and budget planning. Its administrative infrastructure must become more results oriented, more publicly accountable and better able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

This includes instituting better financial controls and a revamped capital-expenditure program, as well as making improvements in diversity, admissions and affordability. We must continue to identify sustainable cost savings, which can then be invested in fulfilling key educational priorities.

Now more than ever, we must also ensure that the public understands the value of UC's contributions to California and that investing in higher education is fundamental to the state's future.

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