The good fight on GI benefits

Re "War-funding bill passes in the Senate," May 23

It is a relief to see that the majority of the Senate takes the long view on the issue of GI benefits. When President Bush and John McCain, the strongest proponents of sending our troops into hostile territory, attempt to low-ball the troops, it is morally reprehensible and tragically shortsighted.

McCain argues that the approved deal would encourage enlisted men and women to go into retirement early at a time when their service is most sorely needed.

But where will the U.S. find new troops once we have worn our current ones into exhaustion and disillusionment? How many young people will enlist when they see that those politicians most likely to call on their service will be the first to cut back on their post-service benefits?

Our country needs servicemen and women to come home to lead the healthy, successful lives made possible by this kind of bill. I hope that this defiance of the president's policies will spark the realization that a government's best investment is in the well-being and education of its people.

Brian Quinn


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