Re "Easy to be hard," Editorial, Aug. 1

In his 1936 speech announcing the second New Deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "We know now that government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob."

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger eagerly wielded his pen to cut the In-Home Supportive Services program funded by Medi-Cal that allows disabled people and seniors to live in their homes. He supported the Nursing Home Quality Care Act, which will funnel millions of federal Medi-Cal dollars into institutions that destroy people's right to self-determination and the pursuit of happiness. No doubt the giant "organized money" nursing home corporations have been knocking on his door.

By ignoring the wishes of tens of thousands of people in the IHSS program, Schwarzenegger will go down in history as an "organized money" thug.

Marta Russell



I thought budgets are debated and proposed by legislation. Then when the legislators have a consensus, they present their budget to the governor.

And who are these legislators? A majority are Democrats. Why blame the governor?

Next time, elect a Democrat as governor, and see if he can come up with the magic budget.

Belen de la Cruz

West Covina


It is so disgusting to see this governor with a smile on his face as he signs this ridiculous bill. I thought Gray Davis was bad with what he was trying to do with this state. I voted for Schwarzenegger, and now I can't wait until he's out of office. Who in the world do we have to replace him?

Why would anybody move into California and put up with this madness? I was born in Santa Monica; I did not have a choice.

Mary Troness

Thousand Oaks

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