Check schedules

No one can deny that the SEC is a good football conference [Aug. 5]. But it's surprising that Chris Dufresne -- after acknowledging that SEC teams play weak nonconference schedules and are shameless self-promoters and regularly get trounced when they play USC -- chooses to call it the best conference in the country.

To be bowl-eligible, you need six wins; and because the SEC schedules three cupcakes per season, every team is basically starting at 3-0. Compare that to the Pac-10, which regularly plays a respectable nonconference schedule. Maybe instead of scheduling Notre Dame, Ohio State, Arkansas, Nebraska, etc., USC should do what Alabama does, and schedule the likes of Cal State Chico, Redlands and Pomona Pitzer.

Again, no one is saying the SEC isn't good. But calling them the best is silly.

David Macaray

Rowland Heights

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