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The alleged ringleader of an Islamic terrorist cell whose plot to attack U.S. targets in Germany was foiled by authorities told a court his group wanted to do as much damage to Americans as possible.

Fritz Gelowicz told the court he and codefendant Adem Yilmaz had trained in a terrorist camp in Pakistan, initially planning to carry out attacks in the region. But they decided they could do more damage to U.S. targets, such as U.S. soldiers, in Europe at less risk to themselves.

"With less cost we could achieve much greater damage," said Gelowicz, who said he led the cell.

Gelowicz and Yilmaz, both 29, and codefendants Daniel Martin Schneider, 22, and Attila Selek, 23, are suspected of operating as a German cell of the radical Islamic Jihad Union. Though no pleas are entered under the German trial system, lawyers for the four accused have said their clients had decided to confess, hoping to mitigate their sentences.

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