Thank you for a very touching and fulfilling read ("Finding Your Focus," Aug. 9, by David L. Ulin). I couldn't agree more with your thoughtful perspective on reading but more so your insight on life and modern culture. I think you did a great job of expressing a thought that I've never considered myself fully capable of articulating.

I also appreciated you sharing your personal and professional struggles in finding time to read, and to be fully engaged in the act of reading. One of my greatest and simplest pleasures in life is the 45 minutes each morning I have to read on the bus during my commute. While I miss being an owner of a car on occasion, I don't think these moments are ones I could pass up.

Handel T. Destinvil



Here I was, in distant Brazil, lost in a small interior town, hunting for something worthwhile to read on the Web, some meaningful content amid all the mass of superficial facts and information we are sunk in and there is your article, resonating with my need to get rid of material time and recovering the sense of myself in a timeless zone. And the same angst of not finding the right mind and disposition to do it anymore.

How refreshing, soothing to find like-minded people no matter where in the world.

Leia Juste

Sao Paulo/Brazil


Knowing that there are others feeling the same pain somehow eases the burden.

Quoting Frank Conroy and your childhood memory reminded me that I was that girl. Adrineh Aghajani


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