A faux pas in Copenhagen

Susan Spano is a fine travel writer, which is why I was so surprised when I read her article on bicycling in Denmark ["On Bicycle, See the Sights at a Sane Pace," Aug. 2], and she remarked that "no one batted an eyelash when I made two sandwiches for lunch from the breakfast provender." Hotels and restaurants base their prices on the agreement that they are to include only one meal for the customer. It is never appropriate to take food from a buffet.

Maybe no one batted an eyelash because they were too polite, but you can bet that they laughed about it later. Now more than ever we all need to be better ambassadors when we travel abroad.

Rick Stone

Redondo Beach


Sorry, but Spano didn't get it. Cycling without hills ("and -- get this -- no big hills," she wrote) is like surfing without waves. Even worse, "I could feel the wind in my hair." If she did, indeed, feel the wind in her hair while riding, she was not wearing a helmet. That's just plain stupidity.

Skip Nevell

Los Angeles


I found it absurd that Spano would list a sushi place and Mexican taco shop as "Where to Eat" in Copenhagen. She might as well have listed McDonald's. What about sticking to authentic local cuisine? Sandy Johnson


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