Re "Vick got help on road back," Aug. 15

I find Michael Vick's remorse unconvincing: "And for the life of me to this day, I can't understand why I was involved in such a pointless activity, and why I risked so much at the pinnacle of my career."

Beating helpless dogs to death goes beyond pointless, Mr. Vick. And being sorry because you got caught and risked your lucrative career is reprehensible. As is the decision by the Eagles to pay you $1.6 million this season.

There is something fundamentally warped and not redeemable in Vick's character.

Shame on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for allowing the almighty dollar to topple an opportunity to send a clear message to the people who engage in this subhuman sport.

Marilynn Loveless



Shame on the Philadelphia Eagles for signing Vick. His comments are those of a person who has no understanding of the horrible nature of his crime. He's only sorry that he got caught and jeopardized his career.

Teams and their players are a reflection on their cities. City of Brotherly Love? Not for man's best friend.

Melissa Fogel


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