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The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday said it was appalled that "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch was returned to prison for granting two unauthorized TV interviews.

Hatch had been serving out the end of his tax evasion prison term on home confinement but was jailed Tuesday after giving several interviews -- to NBC's "Today" show, NBC affiliate WJAR-TV and the NBC-owned "Access Hollywood." His lawyer said the Bureau of Prisons told her Hatch was jailed because the agency had authorized only the "Today" interview, not the other two.

"It's appalling to think that he has been sent to jail merely for speaking to the media about his own court case," said Steven Brown of the ACLU's Rhode Island chapter.

All prisoners, including those on home confinement, must adhere to Bureau of Prisons policy on media interviews, said a bureau spokeswoman.

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