L.A. Times to take over delivery of Orange County Register

The Los Angeles Times will deliver the Orange County Register to homes and vending machines beginning in September, the two newspapers said Wednesday.

The Register said it was making the move to cut costs and improve distribution.

“This is a perfect match for us,” Register Publisher Terry Horne said. “In addition to providing excellent service and timely response to customer issues and requests, this new distribution system will allow us to operate more efficiently and effectively.”

Contracting its delivery services to The Times will result in significant savings in payroll and warehousing costs, said Jack Riley, the Register’s vice president of circulation and distribution.


He said 55 full-time and 143 part-time Register circulation and distribution workers would be laid off, and 721 independent contractors who deliver the Register would be affected.

In addition to cutting costs, newspapers are looking for ways to generate revenue by providing services, such as printing and distribution of other publications.

“The Los Angeles Times Media Group has the leading distributor network of any metropolitan newspaper in the country,” Times Publisher Eddy Hartenstein said.

“Contracting with the Orange County Register, which will be our largest commercial delivery customer, allows us to maximize the strengths of our vast independent distributor structure,” he said.


As of March, the Santa Ana-based Register had an average weekday circulation of 234,154 and 300,273 on Sunday.