Sun coverage: Army-Navy archive

Sun stories and photo galleries of the Army-Navy game, 1990-2008

Navy beats Army for 8th straight time

Complete domination

Right in step

Defensive maneuvers spark Navy

Mids keep trophy, run with it

On this day, Mids seniors have final say

Hail to the chiefs: Navy rolls over Army for trophy, 34-6

Navy does number on Army as Candeto accounts for 7 TDs

Navy drops 0-10 anchor

Mids enjoy 30-28 thrill ride

Navy marches past Army, 19-9

For Navy, excruciating loss

Navy raises Army anchor

Army enlists more Navy misery

Navy can't kick losing Army habit

Kicking games: Army gives Navy the boot again

Navy comeback gets the boot: It's Army, 16-14

Game of emotions goes to Army

Navy pulls rank on Army, 24-3

Army runs Navy aground, 30-20