Buddha Beer (Brendan @ B&O)

B&O American Brasserie is at 2 N. Charles St. Call 443-692-6172 or bandorestaurant.com. 1.5 oz Hangar One "Buddha's Hand" citrus vodka .75 oz Royal Combier 3 dashes Bitter Truth Celery Bitters .5 oz lemon juice .5 oz honey syrup (half honey, half hot water) 3-4 oz Flying Dog "Woody Creek" White Spiral of candied lemon peel (garnish) Combine all ingredients, without the beer, add ice and shake well. Strain into an ice-filled highball or pilsner-style glass. Pour in 3-4 ounces of the Flying Dog ale. Gently stir. Garnish with a skewer of spiral candied lemon peel. THE STORY: Have a taste for the hefeweizen beer style? Willing to cultivate one? You will be after hearing about this creative concoction. Brendan Dorr presents Buddha Beer, a frosty yellow cocktail that's an intriguing mix of beer and citrus vodka. The drink features a Frederick, Md. brewery with Flying Dog "Woody Creek" White beer. And "the [vodka] really shines through. It's Buddhas Hand, which is pretty unique stuff," says Dorr, who has been with B&O American Brasserie since it opened in 2009. Along with the beer and vodka come the orange herbal liqueur Royal Combier and a few dashes of celery bitters, and a bit of lemon juice and honey syrup complete the drink ($10). "It's a hot weather, cooldown kind of drink," says Brendan, perfect for early July. "It's a bright, lemony, kind of complex cocktail. It's got some real nice subtleties to it."
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