'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' recap: Episode 10

"Sunny" fans, rejoice: We are finally given an honest explanation to how Fat Mac came to be.

Bless me father, for I am fat: The easily excitable Mac blames his friends for his weight gain — and begins shouting in a confessional for God to smite his sinful compadres.

While in the confessional, Mac flashes back to the busiest night in Paddy's history. After seeing unprecedented success, the members of the Gang feel as if they've hit their Tipping Point. Mac uses this moment to illustrate how success led to his obesity.

How little things can make a big difference: Mac realizes the Gang may have hit a Tipping point – where all the little things they've been doing right may have finally paid off. However, "Sunny" fans and the Gang have a hard time intelligently thinking up of what little things they actually do right.  Is it Dennis' looks? Charlie's immaculate bar? Dee's funny(?) jokes and quick gabs? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. Let's just chalk it up to Dennis' good looks.

A meat bomb?!? After sleeping on their success, Frank tries to wake up Charlie in the middle of the night to pull some shenanigans, but the best idea he can come up with is stuffing M-80s into a leg of lamb and blowing it up. While Charlie thinks this is a terrible idea, I could not disagree more — the idea of flash-cooking a leg of lamb with a few pounds of explosive sounds like the perfect party to me.

Initial warning signs:  While in confession, the priest reminds Mac to not waste time with flashbacks and actually confess something. Mac, who doesn't feel he's done anything wrong, continues to plow through his story. Mac, who couldn't get anybody to party with him the night before, drinks three bottles of champagne and hangs out with a stray dog under a bridge. Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me. Meanwhile, Dee's horrible jokes have gone to her head and prevent her from serving drinks, angering Paddy's patrons.

Dennis is in the bathroom, and he's been there for an hour: Dennis locks himself in the bathroom for some reason. It takes Mac threatening to bash the door down to get him to open up. Turns out, Dennis uses black paint to cover up a few gray hairs and eventually colors his entire frock jet black. Charlie, who ends up bartending all night, freaks out on the members of the Gang, who are letting success go to their heads and get in the way of any future success.

Worst idea ever: Dennis, in his continued efforts to maintain physical perfection, gets a chemical peel. The result looks like a monster.

But no! Even worse idea: In an episode FILLED with tragic mistakes, Dee comes up with a terrible plan. To maintain the Gang's chemistry that brought success, Mac and Dee find "avatars" of themselves, people that look and act like them to do their jobs for them – minus the egos.

Mac interviews a guy who is obviously way better built than he is. After Dee gives Mac a reality check, he decides that in order to hire his coveted avatar, he must accumulate mass.

"Did you go to the gym?" the priest asked.
"Go to the gym? Father, when Peter did the statue of David, he wasn't just hammering pebbles. First, he asked the Jews to bring him a giant slab of marble."

I think that what Mac's gross historical accuracy means is: He ate a ton of crap.

Point is: Six weeks later, they dropped a bomb on Mac. Like "10 million" plans later, the members of the Gang reveal that they've gotten rid of the avatar plan. Mac thought they were just putting it on the backburner til' he hit Two-Hundo.

Overall, this was a solid episode compared to the rest of the season. B+ comparatively, C- overall.