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Can You Make Other Drinks Besides Coffee in a French Press?

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If you’re using a French press to only brew coffee, you’re seriously missing out. Learn some interesting ways to get the most out of your French press.

If you’re a coffee lover and prefer making it at home, you probably own a French press — they’re compact, affordable, and versatile. While a French press is basically used to brew regular old coffee, there's plenty of room for experimentation. We’ve curated a list of some amazing recipes that you can try with a French press if you want a particularly special cup or try out something new.

Drinks To Try Out in a French Press

Create Broth

If you want to make restaurant-like broth at home, a French press can help you with that. Fill the glass with your favorite flavorings like ginger, garlic, chilies, onions, or whatever you're craving to prepare a basic broth. After giving these ingredients a nice swirl, add boiling water to the mixture and place the lid on top. Don't press the plunger down just yet — the longer the herbs sit, the richer your broth will be.

Lift the top of the French press, give it another stir, and then put the lid back so you can begin pressing down on the plunger. Once the filter reaches the bottom of its travel, you can now pour out your broth and use it as a base for soups, seafood, rice, and other dishes.

Infuse Oil

You can also use a French press to infuse oil; simply add aromatics to the jar, pour hot oil, let it soak, and then filter everything out by pressing down on the plunger. Keep in mind that oil is much thicker than water, so don't force the plunger down or you could potentially cause damage to your French press. If you add these infused oils to your routine recipes, your simple bread, sausage, and pasta will suddenly become much more savory.

Whip Milk

Fill half of your French press with hot milk, then slowly push the plunger up and down for around 30 seconds to make it foamy and frothy. You can enjoy restaurant-style coffee, espresso, or latte at home, and you won't ever want to pay money at a coffee shop again.

Herbal Turmeric Detox Tea

If you’re suffering from inflammation or want to detoxify your body, you can try herbal turmeric detox tea. If you like decaffeinated beverages, you’ll definitely love this because it's an ideal combination of tart and warmth. Feel free to switch out the ingredients with thyme, chamomile, or ginger if you want to add variations to your regular tea.

Shake up a Cocktail

If you have a blender, making a cocktail should be simple. If not, you can use your French press — simply add your preferred mix to the press and press the plunger to blend them together to enjoy your favorite cocktail at home.

French Press Latte With Hazelnut and Chocolate

Although this sounds like a sugar rush, it's actually a lot more nutritious than you would expect. You can make it with your choice of almond milk and chocolate hazelnut black tea, which is actually as delicious as it sounds. This latte will have you anxiously awaiting your morning alarm, and you can add espresso to it as well.

Wrapping Up

A French press is a versatile kitchen gadget that can help you make a lot of your favorite beverages at home. Most people use a French press only to brew coffee, but they’re definitely missing out. Now you can put your French press to optimal use by trying anything from making cocktails to lattes.

Note: Some of these suggestions involve mixing ingredients that can often leave an aftertaste, even after extensive washing. Before you make your next pot of coffee with your French press, it may be helpful to add plain hot water to the beaker and press the plunger down in order to remove unwanted flavors.

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