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These Are Great Microwave Functions You Probably Never Used

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Life almost feels incomplete without a microwave oven. Most of us use it to warm our food or leftovers but it can do so much more than just that.

Microwave ovens make our life super easy. Have some leftover pizza from last night? No worries. Just warm it up for 30 seconds and enjoy. No need to go through all that drudgery — rattling the pans, firing up the stove, and not forgetting the dishwashing that follows afterward.

Most of us use microwave ovens to warm our food on the go. But did you know they can do so much more than just that? We’ve highlighted three of the most ignored functions of a microwave oven, as well as a few uses that we bet most of you don’t know. Excited? Let’s jump right in!

Some Rarely Used Microwave Functions

Cooking Presets

There’s only one simple explanation for why most of us don’t go near these presets — microwave ovens consume a LOT of electricity! But did you know that your microwave oven comes programmed with heat and time instructions for a few recipes at least?

You may consult the instruction manual to determine the ingredients required and food weight for each preset. Your oven will analyze the time and heat required to cook that particular dish. It’s a great feature to have if you aren’t concerned about electricity bills.


Smoke-free, barbecued chicken right from the comfort of your kitchen? The rotisserie function in some microwave ovens helps you do just that! You can also make kebabs out of minced meat and cook mutton.

Many ovens come with this attachment called rotisserie — it’s a rod that rotates slowly and cooks meat evenly.

Swift Defrosting

Defrosting can take at least half an hour without an oven. The latest microwave ovens come equipped with a defrosting feature that allows you to reheat frozen food within minutes! It’s really helpful in day-to-day kitchen tasks.

Here Are Some Uses of a Microwave Oven: You Probably Haven’t Tried These Either

Making Citrus Fruits Juicier

It’s hard to squeeze out the juice from your lemons right out of the fridge. The reason? They’re usually a bit stiff and cold, and that makes it difficult to press them with our fingers. Leaving citrus fruits in the microwave oven for 20 seconds or so can make them light on the hands and it’ll help you squeeze out at least 20 percent more juice.

Proofing Yeast

Usually, it takes over an hour to proof yeast. But there’s a quicker way — you can get it done in just 15 minutes with your microwave oven. Allow the dough to rotate in your microwave for three minutes. Keep it off for the next three minutes and then again heat it for the next three minutes. Let it again rest for the final six minutes and you’ll have saved substantial time in doubling your dough!

Decrystallizing Honey

Raw honey can crystallize due to glucose. But no worries! You can fix your solidified honey with a few simple rounds in a microwave oven. So the next time you’re trying to get honey from a solidified jar, heat it in a microwave oven first.

Roasting Garlic

Roasting garlic can take up to 45 minutes — a microwave oven will do it in just 10 minutes! If you’re a foodie and garlic lover, you probably love topping off your recipes with it. You can now do it quicker.

Disinfecting Kitchen Items

You can use your microwave ovens to disinfect kitchen items such as cutting boards or sponges. Just soak them in some lemon juice and heat them for a minute. It’ll disinfect them and remove any foul odors.

Summing Up: Clearing Out a Common Misconception

Some people tend to confuse microwave ovens with convection ovens. The latter uses a fan to rotate heat inside the oven. Microwave ovens, on the other hand, use microwaves to vibrate the food which helps heat it up.

A microwave oven is a super versatile kitchen appliance that has a whole bunch of uses. Make sure to steer clear of cooking eggs or heating liquids because they can make a mess inside your oven.

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