T.C. Boyle on the magic of writing: ‘I hear a voice and I follow it’

T.C. Boyle talks about his book “Outside Looking In." 

Prolific author T.C. Boyle paid a visit to the Times studio at the Festival of books to discuss his 28th book, “Outside Looking In.”

The recently released novel, which plays off his 2003 book “Drop City,” takes place on Harvard’s campus in the early 1960s and follows the “beginnings of LSD.”

“[The drug is] coming back into use in psychiatry again today after its time in the wilderness, but I’m neither an advocate for it nor someone who wants to toss it away,” he said. “I’m just exploring what it might be.”

For Boyle, the magic of writing fiction is simple: “I have an idea. I hear a voice and I follow it.”