Rigoberto González on how his latest work, ‘The Book of Ruin,’ gives voice to nature


Rigoberto González talks about his newest book of poetry, “The Books of Ruin” as he sat down for an interview at the L.A. Times Festival of Books.

Rigoberto González’s recent book of poetry, “The Book of Ruin,” has a dark core. “It’s an apocalyptic narrative,” González tells The Times in a video interview. “I’m imagining the end of the world: climate change, all of the different damage that we’ve done to this world. I’m exploring the ways in which the land, the sea, the air, nature is speaking back to us.”

González says that he usually writes from the points of view of people, but in his latest book, he adopts the mind-set of the natural entities as he tries to give them voice.

His 12 books of prose include two bilingual children’s books and three young adult novels. He is a critic at large for The Times, and he sat down for a video chat about his poetry and some of his literary influences.

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