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Ehline Law Firm PC

Ehline Law Firm PC
Ehline has a perfect rating with Personal Injury Warriors International. (Amy Cantrell)

At Ehline Law Firm PC, the principal and attorney in charge of operations, Michael Ehline, is an honorably discharged United States Marine, and graduate of the California State Bar Law Office Study Program, who went on to earn a JD after he was already a practicing attorney. Qualified attorneys, partners and individuals of counsel to the firm handle a vast array of personal injury law claims both in and out of court. The firm itself is internationally recognized for assisting motorcycle accident victims, and those injured at sea on cruise ships. Ehline Law excels in all types of car accidents, death cases, trucking injury cases and those involving parents and children hit in cross-walks, plus abuse in nursing homes, or slip and falls at businesses.

Michael Ehline has also received mention online and in high profile magazines for handling high profile cases such as a famous tour bus accident claim that resulted in lawsuits against several high profile Las Vegas casinos under the doctrine of respondeat superior. In that case, Ehline was able to help a bus passenger obtain a $750,000 settlement, which can be found online at: 38 Trials Digest 8th 15, 2005 WL 2297584 (Cal.Superior). Mr. Ehline himself was a law clerk for the City of Los Angeles Criminal Prosecution Division under Deputy City Attorney Patrick Milne, worked on appeals, writs and civil rights claims for attorney Jeff Price, and many other famous Los Angeles, California personal injury lawyers when he was reading for the law.

Mr. Ehline co-chaired three (3) jury trials as a Certified Law Student prior to becoming an attorney. One common theme throughout Ehline's career path has been helping victims. Whether it is as a Marine infantryman helping America, an employment law claim, a criminal act that harmed a person, or a loved one passing away due to the carelessness or recklessness of others, Ehline has been there to display passion and compassion for those wounded souls in need of a champion.

Ehline Law Firm PC has recovered tens of millions of dollars in some rather large and noteworthy injury cases. In one confidential case, the firm was able to help a badly hurt victim recover $8,700,000. With a record of success like this, it is no wonder Ehline has high ratings on many attorney rated sites and in the relevant peer community. "We offer big law firm results with small firm service, because we are very selective about the types of cases we take. Our staff and firm have the resources to handle anything that is thrown at us," said Ehline.


"It was my training, working in both the criminal, civil rights and other fields of law that helped me become more well rounded than lawyers who only have worked exclusively on injury, or tort cases. I was lucky to be able to learn law in a law office, and not just from some law professor," Ehline observed. "It places myself and the firm at a high level of competency. It also means that we have the know how to shoehorn other relevant legal theories into the case in a creative way, in order to get our clients the most money."

The evidence of success is crystal clear. Ehline has a perfect rating with Personal Injury Warriors International, is a vetted member of the highly elite Circle of Legal Trust, which represents less than one percent (1%) of the legal community worldwide, and is a multiple award winner of the Superlawyers Rising Star award, to name a few. He is also a member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), Consumer Attorney Association of California, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Shootist Lawyers Association, Marine Corps. Association, as well as many other victims' rights and consumer advocacy groups.

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