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How Cox Contour can change your life

How Cox Contour can change your life

Electronic entertainment has evolved from boxy black-and-white TVs with rabbit-ear antennas and a handful of channels to an era when viewers demand to watch anything, anywhere, at anytime using voice control. Nothing satisfies today's needs better than the new Cox Contour.

The new Contour is a simple, fast and fun way to search and access all your entertainment choices at home or on the go, on anything from a huge flat-screen TV to a handheld smart phone. It's the brainchild of Cox Communications, which provides television, internet, digital telephone, home security and tech solution services to residential and business customers.

Highly intuitive and easily adaptable to your personal needs, the new second generation Contour facilitates quick and effortless access to shows and movies for as many as five separate users in a household using their favorite devices.

And with the new Contour app, users can easily transform their tablet, smartphone or computer into a personal TV screen to stream live TV and watch on-demand content while connected to their in-home Cox Wi-Fi network.


Users can also download movies and shows purchased from the Contour receiver to their mobile devices and watch them anywhere, at anytime, even if they don't have an internet connection.

"Controlling your TV has never been easier, faster or more convenient," says Suzanne Schlundt, marketing vice president for Cox Communications. "Just say it and see it."

Literally. That's because the blue button on the Contour Voice Controlled Remote uses voice commands to change channels, find shows, get recommendations, launch apps and more.

Meanwhile, finding shows and movies enters a whole new dimension when you can search not only by the title but also by actors, genre, team name, or even uttering famous quotes from the movie or show. Simply say "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!" and "The Wizard of Oz" appears before your eyes.

The Contour Voice Controlled Remote also makes accessibility easier.  Commands can be as simple as "Turn on closed captioning" . . . "Show me kids' movies" . . . "Watch the Food Network" or "Show my recording list." Or you can browse Contour recommendations by asking, "What should I watch?"

"Voice Remote continues to be the feature that 'wows' new Contour customers," says Schlundt. "Most new customers say that Voice Remote exceeds their expectations. It makes the new Contour easy to use and easy to search."

Searching is also aided by Contour's rich graphics and images, which allow users to quickly identify shows. The main menu displays content on live TV, On Demand and your DVR. And you can see listings for what's on now and up to 14 days in advance.

The Contour App also boasts smart search, rich graphics and an immersive on-screen guide that helps users find their favorite shows (as well as sports scores, weather reports, stock prices and more) with maximum speed and minimum effort.

Ricardo Cuevas, a San Diego small business owner, is a huge soccer fan and uses Contour's smart search function to follow games in Mexico, Germany, Italy and Spain.

"Being able to search for my favorite teams and having all upcoming games show up is such a great feature, " says Cuevas. "I like that I don't have to be searching through hundreds of channels to watch soccer games."

Cuevas uses the Contour App to check live soccer scores and follow NFL games for fantasy football. "I can tell who is doing well and see where I stand without having to go online. I can even do it while I'm watching other games. That's awesome."

Sports isn't the only thing that Cuevas watches via Contour. "Recently, I introduced my wife to 'Twin Peaks.' She had never seen the original show, so we binge watched that before tuning into the new series. We've been giving new shows a chance now that we can record them or find programs based on other similar ones we like."

Having experienced the benefits of the system firsthand, Cuevas now recommends Contour to friends and family.

"I have a lot of friends who like soccer as much as I do, and I recommended they get Contour. I also talked my in-laws into switching to Cox Contour. It really helps them because it's so easy to use."

Some Cox customers are so passionate about Contour that the Cox service area actually dictates where they end up living. Tricia Crespin was a loyal Cox customer in Arizona and made sure to resettle in a Cox service area when she moved to Southern California two years ago.

"I was house hunting recently," Crespin explains, "and there was a house I liked that didn't offer Cox. I thought 'That's not going to work.' Sundays are my day to just veg out. I like to record my shows using voice commands and watch everything once I can sit down and relax."

To record her shows, Crespin takes advantage of Contour's smart search feature. "The guide channel can be overwhelming because there are so many shows out there. I love how you can search for a term if you don't remember the name of the show or program. Or you can search by actor. It's awesome."

Meanwhile, the Contour App helps keep Crespin informed about what's happening in the world. "Since I don't watch a lot of live TV, it's nice to stay up to date with the news app when I can," she adds.

— Joe Yogerst for Cox Communications