Our Homes are Now ‘Work-Live-Unwind’ – Find the Latter in a Beautifully Outfitted Bathroom


In a decade where trends suggest we may all spend more time in our homes, it can be easy to forget that the space comprises of more than just a living room, kitchen, and bedroom, a utilitarian place to work, cook, and sleep, awaiting the next day. Thoughtful design should also offer a space to unwind, relax, and remove oneself from the enclosed cycle of repetition that still exists, even when occurring in a single living space.

This condensing of life led German faucet and fixture manufacturer Dornbracht to reconsider the bathroom. An oft-overlooked point in any home, a humble plumbing hub can blossom into an escapist home spa when outfitted with beautiful, design-minded, and high-quality fixtures and surfaces. In doing so, Dornbracht looked to their own past and their beautiful mid-century modern pieces, bringing the movement’s equal-parts form and function into the contemporary sphere.

The company’s CYO line, based on a previous line from the 1960’s and refreshed for today’s tastes, immediately suggests the perfection of a circle, with no sharp edges and no unnecessary design elements. In doing so, Dornbracht offers a relaxing starting point for a bath, shower, or even the semi-obsessive hand washing regimen that we’ve all developed in the last year and a half. The CYO fixtures give a meditative experience at first interaction.

To further demonstrate that the home bathroom can - and should - be thought of as a place to relax and reset, Dornbracht created two case studies for their fixtures: Metropolitan and Oasis.

The Metropolitan, set in a penthouse highrise, belies its street address by being more “centered” than “center of it all,” while still creating a connection to the unique cultural ethos of a city. Metropolitan reminds you that you can get away from it all and recharge your batteries without needing to flee civilization - the thoughtfully designed space offers the same experience. The curvilinear theme, from arched windows to the circular privacy curtain enveloping the pedestal sink, is drawn together by the beautiful forms of the CYO fixtures, creating harmony. Moreover, the soaring ceilings and absolute lack of busyness or clutter gives the Metropolitan bathroom user a vital moment to pause, collect, stretch out, and consider the marvel of who they are and where they are.

If Metropolitan reminds humanity it can escape from itself for a moment, Oasis serves as a call back to our more natural connections. Instantly noticeable with its paneled, indoor/outdoor glass wall leading to a vista patio, Oasis is a bathroom of warm morning breezes and cool nights, amplified by mindful design and the natural forms of the CYO fixtures springing from the surfaces like seedlings. Toned in deep greens with copious natural light, the gently flowing features of the room feel malleable and ever changing; subject to both the user’s whims and the sun streaming in at various times during the day. This gives the space the feel of bathing and relaxing under a forest canopy. Circles take the stage again, this time offering softness and warmness unexpected from a space with large panels of chrome and glass. While these bathroom designs are beautiful and can be easily aspired to, the simplicity and timelessness of the Dornbracht design offers limitless possibilities for one’s own bathroom. The CYO line comes with many options for customization to fit it perfectly into a design, from several high-end finishes to options for single mixer handles, double, perfect-circle hot/cold knobs, and a full line of accessories to create a relaxing room.

Reconsider the bathroom. Let it be your escape from the drudgery or anxiety of life. With the introduction of the Dornbracht CYO line, this is the perfect opportunity to connect it to the cityscapes or endless vistas of your home. Visit to see the full line and take a visual tour of the company’s amazing bathroom designs.