Search on airline delays some BWI passengers

Passengers on a Southwest flight were delayed at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport for about an hour Monday evening as federal and state law enforcement searched their plane for an object that "raised the concerns of the airline," an airport spokesman said. No object was found.

Those aboard Southwest flight 2365 from Florida were told to disembark after the aircraft landed at 7:11 p.m. in Baltimore, said BWI spokesman Jonathan Dean.

Passengers said they were told to leave the cabin without their purses or personal items. Several in the airport used social media to report developments. "Our plane at BWI was just cleared for a random search," tweeted Debby Hudson. "People off stuff stays on. ALL of it. Marshalls boarding. Yippee-I-A."

Mike Butz wrote on his Twitter feed: "Ten TSA agents and five uniformed officers just barricaded the BWI gate across from I'm waiting out my layover."

Dean, the BWI spokesman, said "nothing unusual was discovered" during an hourlong search and the aircraft was allowed to continue. "Authorities acted with an abundance of caution," Dean said.

Officers with the Transportation Security Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority police participated.

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