Bentley Arnage Final Series

Bentley Arnage Final Series This big luxury sedan has a last hurrah before following the British Empire into that eternal sunset. Known as the Final Series, it rounds off 10 years of Arnage production. There will be 150 made, each with the company’s venerable 50-year-old 6.75-liter V-8. Using twin turbochargers, it produces 500 hp and a remarkable 738 lb-ft of torque. The car also will have special limited-edition touches like a cocktail cabinet with a Final Series stainless steel flask and four Bentley umbrellas stowed in the trunk -- or brollies in the boot, as they say in England -- plus the usual sumptuous leather-and-wood cabin. No doubt a few will be shipped to North America, though it seems a bit too “old money” to appeal to the “Entourage” producers. More in Autos: • Paris Motor Show: Concept Cars • Electric vehicles light up Paris Motor Show • 2008 Paris Motor Show news
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