Tired of being entertained on flights? Instructional videos are now on your seatback screen

You can kill time on your next Delta Air Lines flight by switching on the seatback entertainment system to watch the “Deadpool” sequel, “Deadpool 2,” or the “Star Wars” prequel, “Solo.”

But why entertain yourself when you can, well, learn something during your flight?

The Atlanta-based carrier has teamed up with LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network, to provide fliers access to free instructional videos on such topics as managing stress, getting things done and communicating with confidence.

“For professionals on the go, finding the time to learn a new skill set or subject can be challenging,” said Chris Buckner, director of onboard products and customer experiences. “Through our partnership with LinkedIn, Delta customers can access a suite of learning materials at their fingertips — 30,000 feet in the air.”

Delta is not alone in putting educational offerings in front of passengers.


Hawaiian Airlines has added health and wellness videos among the carrier’s in-flight entertainment selections, including lessons on how to stretch before, during and after a flight.

And then there is Qatar Airways, which includes in its entertainment system videos from the nonprofit media organization TED, such as “What’s the big deal with gluten?”; “What does the liver do?”; and “3 tips to boost your confidence.”

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