United Airlines announces more free food

Just before Christmas last year, United Airlines announced a merry change: Complimentary food was back for fliers in coach seats.

Starting last February, passengers are offered a stroopwafel, or Dutch caramel-filled waffle, on flights departing before 9:45 a.m. The airline also started offering pretzels, sesame sticks and rice cakes on flights later in the day.

Now the world’s third-largest carrier is adding to its menu of free munchies.

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Coach passengers on flights from the U.S. to Europe currently get a complimentary full hot meal and a free pre-arrival snack, plus whatever they want to buy from the onboard menu. But starting Wednesday, coach passengers on those flights will also get a complimentary mid-flight snack: a warmed croissant, jam and a yogurt cup. Passengers on flights from Europe to the U.S., who already get a pre-arrival snack, will now also receive a mid-flight snack.


On flights from the West Coast to Europe, United announced, the airline will offer a new complimentary small sandwich. Travelers flying from Europe to the West Coast already receive a pre-arrival sandwich, so the new offering for them is an enhanced mid-flight snack, according to United spokesman Jonathan Guerin.

“We’re listening to our customers and making some changes based on their feedback,” Guerin said.

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The entire airline industry has been upgrading onboard food and entertainment, thanks to increased travel demand and lower fuel costs that have pushed profits up.


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