The Andy Griffith Show

Floyd Lawson on “The Andy Griffith Show” “Floyd the Barber” offered a shave and a haircut probably for two bits in the fictional town of Mayberry on the classic 1960s CBS comedy series. Sweetly absent-minded, Floyd moved at a snail’s pace and seemed to be befuddled by most of the events of the days .Did we mention he couldn't trim sidebars even to save his life? He was introduced in the 12th episode of the series — “Stranger in Town” and was played by Walter Baldwin. But he lasted only one episode. The great Howard McNear — he of the black mustache and thick glasses — was brought in to play Floyd. McNear, though, didn’t do much cutting of hair from 1964 because he suffered a massive stroke that made it difficult from him to move his legs and arms — especially his left arm. Floyd has lived on in popular culture. Nirvana recorded the song “Floyd the Barber” — though the tune deals with castration fears — and when “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” was released last December, some clever filmmaker created the YouTube short “Sweeney Floyd: The Dim-Witted Barber of Mayberry.”
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