“Steel Magnolias”

“Steel Magnolias” Just as women are flocking now to see “Sex and the City: The Movie,” females of all ages were bonding to this sentimental 1989 comedy-drama adapted by Robert Harling from a 1987 off-Broadway play. The ensemble cast includes Oscar-winners — we might also say divas but only in the best possible terms — Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis and Julia Roberts (who earned her first Oscar nod for her role), as well as Dolly Parton and Daryl Hannah. Set in northwestern Louisiana, the sentimental tale centers around Truvvy’s (Parton) beauty parlor where all the gal pals meet for gossip and coiffes. Get out your hankies for this one. CBS tried to transform it into a series in 1990 with Cindy Wiliams, Sally Kirkland and Elaine Stritch, but the pilot wasn’t picked up.
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