“Barbershop” This 2002 comedy certainly isn’t a clip job, but a full-service comedy directed by Tim Story who went on to do the “Fantastic Four” action-adventures and starring a terrific African American cast including Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Keith David, Cedric the Entertainer and Sean Patrick Thomas. Set in the south side of Chicago, the film revolves around Calvin Palmer Jr. (Ice Cube) who is tired of not making ends meet — he falls for too many get-rich-quick schemes — operating the barbershop he inherited from his dad. So he decides to sell the property to a loan shark (David) who wants to transform the shop into a strip club. Realizing he’s made a mistake, Calvin tries to raise the money to buy the place back. Two years later, Ice Cube and company returned in the uneven “Barbershop 2: Back in Business.” And in 2005, “Barbershop: The Series” premiered on Showtime. But the poorly received show, shown here, curled up and died after two months.
Robert Voets / Showtime
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