Elijah Wood’s Venice bungalows
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Elijah Wood’s Venice bungalows | Hot Property

The two Venice bungalows combine to offer two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a little more than 1,400 square feet of living space.

The front bungalow is of the Craftsman architectural style. (Noel Kleinman)
The entry in the front bungalow. (Noel Kleinman)
The front house has vaulted ceilings. (Noel Kleinman)
There are built-ins on one wall. (Noel Kleinman)
Built-in bench seating sits beneath the window. (Noel Kleinman)
The dining room sits off the kitchen. (Noel Kleinman)
The kitchen. (Noel Kleinman)
The bedroom opens to the backyard. (Noel Kleinman)
The bathroom. (Noel Kleinman)
Decking creates additional space outdoors. (Noel Kleinman)
Tall bamboo serves as a privacy screen. (Noel Kleinman)
The second bungalow. (Noel Kleinman)
The dining area. (Realtor.com)
Noel Kleinman (Realtor.com)
The bedroom. (Noel Kleinman)
The bathroom. (Noel Kleinman)
The bedroom. (Noel Kleinman)
There are two patios. (Noel Kleinman)