These UCLA and UC Berkeley buildings may be unsafe in a big earthquake

Powell Library, UCLA
Students outside UCLA’s Powell Library, which was rated level 5, serious risk to life.
(Glenn Koenig/ Los Angeles Times)

Below is a list of buildings at UCLA and UC Berkeley that could cause loss of life, according to studies released this week.

There were no buildings ranked as posing a “dangerous” risk to life, which is level 7. Buildings with a “very poor” performance are labeled level 6 and represent a “severe” risk to life. The cost of repairing these structures would be between 40% and 100% of the price to rebuild from scratch.

A level 5 building has a “poor” seismic performance, representing a serious risk to life, and repairs would range from 20% to 50% of the cost to rebuild it.

The names of the structures are as they appeared in the UC studies.


How UC buildings are ranked for earthquake safety
How UC buildings are ranked for earthquake safety. Those labeled levels 5, 6 and 7 need to be retrofitted or torn down, experts say.

UCLA buildings rated level 6 — severe risk to life

Kneller House
Clark Library Gate House
UCLA Nimoy Theater

UCLA buildings rated level 5 — serious risk to life


Kinnard House
Public Affairs‐W Data
Public Affairs‐Arts
Public Affairs
Young Library
Powell Library
Powell Library‐East
Semel Institute
Murphy Hall
Murphy Hall West
Murphy Hall East
Faculty Center
Psychology Tower
La Kretz Botany
Sunset Canyon Recreation SFR

UC Berkeley buildings rated level 6 — severe risk to life

Donner Lab Addition
Durant Hall
Evans Hall
Moffitt Undergraduate Library
Stephens Hall
Wellman Hall

UC Berkeley buildings rated level 5 — serious risk to life

2000 Carleton Street
2000 Carleton Street (Automotive Shed)
2515 Hillegass Avenue
2521 Hillegass Avenue
Birge Hall
Boalt Hall North Addition
Boalt Hall Robbins Hall
Botanical Garden 1752 TROP
Building 1229
California Hall
Calvin Laboratory
Cesar E. Chavez Student Center
Clark Kerr Campus 23 -Archives
Cory Hall
Doe Memorial Library
Donner Laboratory
Etcheverry Hall
Foothill Housing Building 1
Foothill Housing Building 2
Foothill Housing Building 3
Foothill Housing Building 4
Foothill Housing Building 5
Foothill Housing Building 6
Foothill Housing Building 7
Foothill Housing Building 8
Foothill Housing Building 9
Genetics & Plant Biology
Giauque Laboratory
Gilman Hall
Haviland Hall
Hearst Memorial Gymnasium
Hilgard Hall
International House
Kroeber Hall
Kroeber Hall Canopy
Lawrence Hall of Science- Base
Le Conte Hall Addition
McCone Hall
Minor Hall Addition
Morgan Hall
Moses Hall
Mulford Hall
North Gate Hall
North Gate Hall Library
Parking NW
Recreational Sports Facility-Field House
Recreational Sports Facility-Gymnasium
Recreational Sports Facility- Handball
Recreational Sports Facility- Lobby
Simon Hall
Soda Hall
South Hall
Sproul Hall
Stern Hall
Tan Hall
Upper Hearst Parking Structure(“H”)
Valley Life Sciences Building
Wheeler Hall
Wurster Hall - North
Wurster Hall - South
Zellerbach Hall -Playhouse
Zellerbach Hall -Auditorium

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