Kitten dubbed ‘Baby Yoda’ rescued from North Complex fire

A tiny kitten nicknamed Baby Yoda was rescued by firefighters in Butte County.
(B. Davis / IFAW )

The Force was clearly with a tiny kitten bearing a striking resemblance to Baby Yoda that was rescued from the ruins of the devastating North Complex fire last week.

Firefighters found the soot- and ash-covered animal in the middle of a road near Berry Creek on Sept. 20 and rushed her to a nearby shelter, the North Valley Animal Disaster Group said in a Facebook post.

The tiny orange tabby, estimated at 2 to 3 weeks old, was immediately named after the Mandalorian character.

“She is doing very well with her foster mother,” North Valley Animal Disaster Group Vice President Norm Rosene said Monday, noting that kitten weighs “just a few ounces.”


The animal’s foster mother is taking care of Baby Yoda and one other kitten, who was also rescued from the fire.

Some of the 15 victims tried to hide and others were unable to outrun the flames in one of the deadliest and most expansive blazes in California history.

The cats are among thousands of pets and their people displaced by the devastating blaze, which has burned through more than 306,000 acres since igniting Aug. 18.

“The North Complex fire blew up last night when the winds picked up, and we are back into acute response mode,” Rosene said.

At least 15 people have died in the fire, which is now 78% contained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The North Valley Animal Disaster Group has received as many as 550 animals in three emergency shelters and will likely set up a fourth shelter Monday, Rosene said, as current facilities for small dogs and cats are now full.

Residents who must evacuate are urged to make arrangements for animals with family or friends. Large animals can be taken to Camelot Equestrian Park.

People looking for lost animals rescued from the North Complex fire can check the Pet Harbor website, which is updated often, the rescue group said. All rescued animals, including Baby Yoda, are held for 30 days before being placed up for adoption.

But officials have little concern about Baby Yoda: The group has been flooded with requests from people all across the country who are interested in taking her home.