The stupid gas is pumping out strong at Wrigley

Just some quick aggravation to vent about the Cubs:

Cubs interim general manager Jim Hendry traded Kosuke Fukudome to create more playing time for young outfielder Tyler Colvin, who might or might not be a dangerous left-handed power bat the Cubs desperately need, but this was the time to find out.

Meanwhile, Cubs interim manager Mike Quade just can’t stop writing old, right-handed-hitting Reed Johnson in the lineup, no matter that he’s a fourth outfielder at best.

This is not some trade showcase. Teams know what Johnson is, and what he isn’t. It’s the Cubs who are too dumb or stubborn to figure it out.

Look, it doesn’t matter how well Johnson is hitting as the Cubs continue to wallow in one of baseball's worst records.

It’s embarrassing that Quade is remaining loyal to his veterans who have won less than all but one team in the National League.

It’s a joke that Quade thinks Johnson deserves to play at a time when this season is all about next season, and Colvin might be the poster child for next season.

How can this insanity continue?

Is anyone in charge?

Is anyone watching?

How can these people continue to make baseball decisions?

Quick, someone wake up Tom Ricketts and explain this idiocy to him.

Then make sure Ricketts doesn’t take sides but takes out both Hendry and Quade.

And a little Clown Kenny collateral damage would be fine, too.


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