Best call of the day

Chris Chandler didn't take one snap from center Sunday. But the Bears' backup quarterback should be credited with one of the biggest plays of the game.

When Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick tossed a 42-yard pass to Willie Jackson with 4 minutes 2 seconds left, the Bears' 14-13 lead appeared to be in serious jeopardy.

But Chandler, a veteran quarterback who played the last four seasons for Atlanta, alerted coach Dick Jauron to have the officials review the play.

"Chris Chandler, from the [sideline], said: 'I had a really good view of that. I don't think [Jackson] caught it,'" Jauron said. "Pete Carmichael [the assistant offensive coach in the press box] is the one I talk to when our defense is out there. And Pete felt the same way."

Chandler saw Bears safety Mike Brown leap and tip Vick's pass while trying for the interception.

"I had a perfect side angle of it," Chandler said. "Brownie tipped it and the receiver tried to come back for it. I could see the ball wedged between his face mask and the turf. Then he got his hands underneath it real quick.

"But I saw the ball kind of rattle real quick before he got his hands underneath it. So I started screaming and yelling to Dick to have those guys upstairs take a look at it. He trapped it, and that was a huge, huge play."

If the 42-yard pass play had stood up, the Falcons would have had a first down on the Bears' 22.

Instead, the play was reversed and Vick was sacked on the next play, a third down, for a 16-yard loss by Brian Urlacher.

"It's a very sweet feeling to beat those guys," Chandler said.