Vehicles & iPads issued to Gloucester schools staff, others

Seven Gloucester Public School System employees, some of whom live as far away as Newport News or Williamsburg, receive vehicles to drive to and from work. Here's a list of those employees and their vehicles:

--Superintendent Ben Kiser, 2007 Buick Lucerne;


--Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services John Hutchinson, 2011 Dodge Journey;

--Director of Transportation Roger Kelly, 2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer;


--Construction Manager Scott Shorland, 2001 Chrysler Sebring;

--Energy Manager David Simmons, 2001 Jeep Cherokee;

--Auto Specialist II Daniel Burnett, 1998 Chevrolet CS30;

--Facilities Manager William Miller, 1997 Toyota Tacoma.


Here's the response from Jim Brogan on the number of school division staff, teachers, employees and School Board members who have been provided iPads by the Gloucester school system.

"Since August 2009, Gloucester has purchased 76 IPads using Technology Funds; 40 iPad 1, 36 iPad 2s. Each Principal and Assistant Principal  has been provided an iPad, primarily for collecting Teacher Evaluations and Meetings.

The 7 School Board members have been provided iPad 2s , and 6 have received Verizon MiFi access points.  (And) 29 iPad 1 & 2s have been provided to Division Staff with the balance going to teachers to explore potential educational implementations.

(Five) additional MiFi Access points are available for Central Office Staff to provide internet access when off the Division network at conferences.

(Fifteen) laptops have been provided to staff who move between buildings (ITRTs, School Psychologists, Therapists) or as requested in lieu of the traditional desktop computer."

In addition, the Special Education office of the school system reports that in the regional classes, eight staff and six teachers have iPads. In the Special Education classes, 18 staff and 53 teachers have iPads.