Pearl Hsiung

Bio: 38, born in Taichung, Taiwan; lives in Mount Washington Work in show: A 13-panel landscape painting showing tidal wave imagery done in oil-based enamel (both spray paint and brushwork), with a vinyl mural of a rainbow installed on the window above. Hsiung: "At all times there are millions of different natural processes and systems occurring that are invisible to us -- often it's a combination of us not looking and a lot of them happening underground or in the air. So I find it really interesting when they materialize in these grand forms like volcanic eruptions or earthquakes or tsunamis or super moons or a solar eclipse. It's not just the forms that interest me, but they're a useful metaphor for me in my work. The sublime is one of the concepts I think about -- our trying to wrap our heads around the giant scale of the universe but just being a speck in relationship to all of it." Curator Cesar Garcia: "Pearl has created this vision of L.A. where you see certain recognizable tropes like mountains and ocean. But it's imaginary or mythological and she uses this incredibly bright palette that reflects the history of mural art. It's a place that's real and not real -- like Mike Davis' apocalyptic vision of L.A. combined with an interest in landscape painting."
Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times
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